Wondering Mind (short story)

21 Dec

Eyes open or shut, all he seen was pain! His own, it was something he could never escape, although nobody knew what was spawning inside his head every waking moment, how could they. They knew he was different! In a good way? He did not know, but he doubted it! he doubted a lot of things! His life decisions, hell every decision that lead to him now! Lying, flat on his bed, staring at a blank unimpressive ceiling.
He did not know who he could rely on in truth! His family were not of a close sort of people, but not cold none the less! He seen them more as the people he could never escape, because he was born into this family, a family of individuals! The people he truly leaned on were his friends, the people he choose to spend his time with! But where were they now!
He often read, and watched movies as a release! His amazing imagination would run wild, when deep inside a different world. It would be his mind that would make him his millions, he thought. Dreaming was so real for him, and nightmares even more so, he was used to panicked  sweaty, heart beating jolts from a slumber. But he had often thought of the scariest thing EVER! He was not a small man, he was quite plump with muscles hide beneath, and he feared very little! But he knew what scared him most, it wasn’t something that was not under any bed, or in any closet! It wasn’t death either, in fact he never knew why people feared death so much! It was closer to him than any of these, in fact it was him, or more so his mind!
He was fearing the day his self control, his thoughts, his mind would turn on him! Cause once this day came he would be ever trapped inside his own head, with it toying with him! seeing what was not there, hearing the cries of children and women, as they burned before his minds eye! Being restless, aching and full of fear! But this day had not come yet, for now he only felt pain for those who hurt him and vice verse  But he knew what was going to happen, the day he felt his mind slip, he would feel the glass of the window, its cooling touch, as rain hammered it during the night, watching the rivulets fall and merge with other broken rain drops! Then he would throw himself threw it, crashing and tumbling 9 floors onto the New York pavement. Sweet release!


My Bio, in short.

6 Oct



Hi, my name is Martin McGuinness. I am currently a student in I.T. Carlow, Ireland. I am in my fourth and final year of their Computer Games Development course.Just another ordinary lad, from the Emerald Isle. I have many different interests Music, Movies and Television, Soccer(Man Utd), NFL(Chargers), and of course Games. 

This blog will be a personal account of my experiences through college, and when I finish my course my journey of getting started in the industry. I shall also through in my thoughts and views on where the industry is going, and games being released. My next post will be me looking back on how I got where I am.


This is me and a friend at a 21st.



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6 Oct

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